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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Summary of XBMC MySQL database optimisations

These will make your MySQL installations perform noticeably quicker (especially with large music libraries!)

(Assumes a Windows MySQL installation, with user xbmc, databases call xbmc_music and xbmc_video)

In advancedsettings.xml:
Use the IP address and NOT the hostname of your MySQL server

In my.ini:
(add to mysqld section)

At dos cmd:
mysqlcheck -op -u xbmc xbmc_video
mysqlcheck -op -u xbmc xbmc_music

In MySQL command tool:
use xbmc_music;
CREATE INDEX idAlbum_idx ON song(idAlbum);
CREATE INDEX idArtist_idx ON song(idArtist);
CREATE INDEX idArtist_idx ON album(idArtist);
CREATE INDEX idArtist_idx ON exartistsong(idArtist);
CREATE INDEX idArtist_idx ON exartistalbum(idArtist);
ALTER TABLE ADD INDEX idx_idArtist(idArtist);
ALTER TABLE ADD INDEX idx_idGenre(idGenre);
ALTER TABLE ADD INDEX idx_idAlbum(idAlbum);

use xbmc_video;
ALTER TABLE movie ADD INDEX idMovie(idMovie);
ALTER TABLE movie ADD INDEX idFile(idFile);

Matching Harmony software screenshots (to go with keymap below)

Note - This is for a Harmony 650! It's nice because I have remapped the colour buttons to special functions in special windows - so, for example, the separate up down arrows (not the ones in the main d-pad bit) can be used to +- audio sync during video play, or zoom in and out of photos during slideshows.

And the additional programmable  buttons...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Latest Keymap

This is my current fully pimped keymap.xml for my Harmony 650 with Openelec.

Stuck it in pastebin as xml gets munged up by's commented enough to work out what's what.