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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Simple but effective Confluence mods for Frodo 12.2

I use a pretty much vanilla Confluence skin (helps when developing addons)...but there are a few changes I consider too cool not to can get all of these by grabbing my repo but probably best to just take the changed files from Googlecode and use them in your own Confluence Mod as I make no promises not to do things to my skin you may not like :)

All the .xml linked files below will take you to GoogleCode where you can click on 'raw' and then 'save file as' to get a copy locally...

1. OzWeather Support - I completely replace MyWeather.xml with a custom one to support radars etc for my XBMC OzWeather addon

2. Radar and weather info on pause - DialogSeekBar.xml also gets radar and weather info added to it so it comes up when I pause a show...

3. Time Remaining - this should be standard - I always want timers to let me know how much is left of something, not how much has played (see #5 below for the updated xml file you need)

4.  Recently Added Items only shows unwatched added items, for Movies and TV

- Install Service -> XBMC Skin Widgets.  Configure the recent items tab to have all options selected - so only show unwatched, and update every time you go to home screen

Then, IncludeRecentlyAddedItems.xml needs some updating as well

5. Clearart/Clearlogo support - do this after number 4 above as you need the addon
- Install Program -> XBMC Artwork Downloader - configure this as you want (I tick the 'use local art' option to get it to save all the artwork on my media shares).  Then run it - can take a long while if you have a big collection :)

Then, VideoFullScreen.xml must be modded

In all cases if you want to implement same/similar, just diff my file against standard Confluence files to see the changes.

PVR Remote Programming

Long time no write.  But things have been quite stable for me in a post Frodo world.  My silent Streacom build (see below) runs an absolute I haven't been doing all that much.

But I did finally work out how to re-program my remote specifically for the PVR section - because obviously some normal streamed movies/tv stuff doesn't make sense with LiveTV.

In a nutshell, I have done this:

<!-- these overule FullScreenVideo but anything undefined drops back to there -->
      <i mod="ctrl">CodecInfo</i>    
      <y mod="ctrl">ZoomOut</y>             
  <!-- and basic handling for PVR windows -->

Basically, get the channel keys to work properly, and bind the fast channel guide to the guide button for very easy scanning what's on and flicking to it.  The only tricky bit was digging up the windowid as it wouldn't work by name...

For reference, my standard video playback stuff looks like:

      <f5 mod="ctrl,alt">Stop</f5>  <!--Added to support (GSB Home Jump) feature-->
      <y mod="ctrl">AudioDelayMinus</y>     
      <s mod="ctrl">NextSubtitle</s>
      <m mod="ctrl">audionextlanguage</m>
      <i mod="ctrl">RunScript(script.xbmc.subtitles)</i>
      <t mod="ctrl">SubtitleAlign</t>
      <up mod="ctrl">SubtitleShiftUp</up>
      <down mod="ctrl">SubtitleShiftDown</down>

..and all this is used with a Harmony 650 set as an MCE Extender, and XBMCCustomRegis

All working very well with Frodo 12.2 on Windows 7 64 bit