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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Some more skin tweaking

Everything is so peachy with my xbmc install that I have been looking for new tweaks to pretty it up even further.

Today, I installed 1080p weather fanart, which means the fanart on the weather page/home screen changes with the current weather / time of day. See here, and I used the .nzb here to get the fanart pack - if you use this, it's all been tidied up and named etc. for you, so you don't need to worry about anything else in that thread to do with folder renaming etc.

Next, I found a really nice tweak (credit to DuMbGuM) to pretty up the Paused dialogue (known as the seek bar, you see it when paused, ff, rw etc). This much prettier version uses 'clearart' to do a very pretty overlay effect. You can get cleararts here - I don't think any of the handy tools scrape this stuff yet (e.g. Ember, TVRename, Sickbeard etc), so it's a manual download for now. You also get codec info (720p, Dolby Digital etc) in the seek bar. Of course, I had to integrate my time remaining mini-mod. And I noticed the mod had a side effect of not showing the little 'Seeking + 00:30' type notifications which I find very handy, so I added those back as well.

I also added the end time.

Finally, to make it all look neat, I had to add an extra font size (font11_title, size 13) to font.xml to cope with videos longer than an hour.

You can see the results above (click to embiggen).

If you want these files, they're here - just unzip in to your Confluence/720p folder.


  1. ppic's logo downloader script can automatically get clearart / clearlogos, skins like Night, Neon etc have the script built in I believe

  2. Yep that is true although I'd done it by hand before I found that. Neon is very nice too.

    I have tried to use the script in Neon but it never seems to find more than I already have and I wasn't very comprehensive so I am not sure how good it is at filtering out what you have versus seems to just count what I already have.


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