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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Artist Slideshow Script When Playing Music Openelec 1.0.2 and Confluence

I have got Ronie's very nice script working in Openelec 1.0.2 using this specific add on zip:

And this MusicVisualisation.xml for Confluence

Note once you have installed all this, reboot, then play a popular artist and go in to fullscreen mode.  Wait a couple of minutes (you may only see one image (initially the script jsut gets one and then goes off and downloads another 49 in one go, if available), then pop out of fullscreen mode and then back into it.  This causes the slideshow to re-trigger and now you should get a nice slideshow.

In the add on options you can configure minimum image sizes to prevent some of the less wonderful images from being used and looking vey crap on your 50" plasma :)

Note so far I only have the slideshow bit working, not the artist bio etc.  I'll wait till Eden to work on that!


  1. Thanks, been waiting for someone to tell me how that addon actually works!

  2. No probs.

    Once you get used to the quirky start up thing it works well.

  3. So, install the script as an addon?
    The addon automatically downloads artist images to a directory?

  4. Yep, as an addon but from the zip I posted.

    Yes, it downloads the image to the addons temp data directory and stores them there (so next time an artist comes up, it's instant).


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