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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

OzWeather - my first XBMC Add On!

I've just coded my first XBMC add on!

Was quite tough as I tried to simultaneously learn git, xbmc add ons, and python at the same time ;) - and of course none of these things have anything resembling good documentation (well, other than git).

I'd wanted better weather data for a while, and every Aussie knows the only decent weather data here is from the BOM.  Unfortunately, their API is shite (basically they don't really have one and what they do have is very poorly documented).  So in the end I wrote is as a scraper of the site which uses BOM data anyway.

Anyway, with the recent change to add on based XBMC weather, it was a good moment to de-construct ronie's official wunderground add on and  write my own based on that.  I used this awesome tool from the collective to do the scraping - was super easy. 

Unfortunately I still can't get my XBMC repo to work so it's install from .zip for the moment and no auto updates till I nut that out or some kind soul takes pity on me and shows my my stupid mistake.

You can find the release thread with installation instructions here -

 My eventual plan is to spend some time adding some Squeezebox like features to XBMC music playing which is pretty crude so far.

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