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Saturday, August 10, 2013

PVR Remote Programming

Long time no write.  But things have been quite stable for me in a post Frodo world.  My silent Streacom build (see below) runs an absolute I haven't been doing all that much.

But I did finally work out how to re-program my remote specifically for the PVR section - because obviously some normal streamed movies/tv stuff doesn't make sense with LiveTV.

In a nutshell, I have done this:

<!-- these overule FullScreenVideo but anything undefined drops back to there -->
      <i mod="ctrl">CodecInfo</i>    
      <y mod="ctrl">ZoomOut</y>             
  <!-- and basic handling for PVR windows -->

Basically, get the channel keys to work properly, and bind the fast channel guide to the guide button for very easy scanning what's on and flicking to it.  The only tricky bit was digging up the windowid as it wouldn't work by name...

For reference, my standard video playback stuff looks like:

      <f5 mod="ctrl,alt">Stop</f5>  <!--Added to support (GSB Home Jump) feature-->
      <y mod="ctrl">AudioDelayMinus</y>     
      <s mod="ctrl">NextSubtitle</s>
      <m mod="ctrl">audionextlanguage</m>
      <i mod="ctrl">RunScript(script.xbmc.subtitles)</i>
      <t mod="ctrl">SubtitleAlign</t>
      <up mod="ctrl">SubtitleShiftUp</up>
      <down mod="ctrl">SubtitleShiftDown</down>

..and all this is used with a Harmony 650 set as an MCE Extender, and XBMCCustomRegis

All working very well with Frodo 12.2 on Windows 7 64 bit

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