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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

2nd Run with Shuttle XS35/XBMC - Install on Ubuntu Maverick

Quick notes that I will update as I go:

Installed final Maverick Desktop.

Logged in & it prompted be to update to latest NVIDIA drivers (260.19.whatever).

Added lirc - apt-get install lirc, told it I had an MCE remote/receiver and no transmitter.  Ran irw - works fine, so the post below is now superflous.

All hardware seems to work out of the box - ethernet, wireless, the remote, etc.

Install XBMC

This was WAY harder than expected.  Camelot was easy - just add-apt-repository team-xbmc, apt-get update, apt-get install.  But I wanted Beta2 or SVN - using the team-xbmc-svn ppa didn't work with broken packages (xbmc-data and xbmc-skin-confluence).  In the end I followed this guide to compile SVN from source.  Needed to apt-get install autopoint for the bootstrap to work but other than that exactly as per the guide.  Post install to run it I needed to apt-get install mesa-utils to get glxinfo.

This gives a working XBMC (SVN R34654).

I followed the autofs guide below to mount all my shares the no-hang way...very important to have the entry in the hosts file so ubuntu can find your local server or that doesn't work.

To get audio & auto start working I followed this post.

At this point it appears thunderbirds are go.  Now I need to do some testing...and will update this as I go, but so far (apart from having to learn how to compile xbmc from source) - this is far easier than XBMCLive really as you get networking etc out of the box.

I still have to properly test suspend/resume but so far it seems to be working better than XBMCFreak B2T3 which was my last try.


  1. Hi Bossanova808,

    Just curious, did you manage to get resume from standby *with the remote* working on your Maverick install? I can't seem to make it work on mine and it does look like it's a kernel problem (see

  2. Did the link you referenced to autofs get removed? I'm looking for a little help with this on my Shuttle.


  3. Oops. Nevermind. I see now when you said "below" you meant an older post.

    I'll have to give this a try later. Thanks for sharing all your info...


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