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Friday, October 15, 2010

3rd run on the Shuttle

This time I went for vanilla beta 3 Dharma.

Had to add the network driver (see below) and update lirc for my funky remote receiver (see below), and add USB0 to /proc/acpi/wakeup for remote suspend/resume, and now everything is working well. Audio is fine out of the box (set output/passhthrough to HDMI/Nvidia HDA HDMI/Nvidia HDA HDMI).

Very simple and everything appears to be working well - better than all the other tries for a lot less effort! All the little glitches seem gone - no slow ui, no pauses browsing lists etc

Problems (all very minor):

- No sounds on iphone 4 movie files
- wrong aspect ratio on DV video files
- bluray support is AWOL - mpls and bdmv, neither play (not sure if Live is supposed to do this - does libbluray come with live?

The video quality is much the same as Camelot - the UI and video play is dark again (it msut be the newer nvidia drivers on Maervick/XBMCFreak fixing this) - and overall it somehow intagibly doesn't look as good, I presume the newer ION drivers include various video quality tweaks. Smoothness is good, much better than Camelot, and VC1 works finally.

All in all a good, stable experience so far. But there are some nice features in svn I already miss - such as being able to define a pause after a refresh rate switch so that video/audio start at the same time (instead of audio starting and then a second or two later video kicking in as with Camelot & Dharma).

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