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Monday, June 4, 2012

Getting ForTheRecord plugin to work with Openelec

I have moved my streaming TV system over to ForTheRecord running on Windows.  Harder to set up that Openelec's inbuilt TvHeadEnd, but much more sophisticated scheduling, and runs on the server where it should, and is way less glitchy on playback.  Means I only have to leave one machine on too (its on 24/7 for other reasons).

Only issue is there's no ForTheRecord plugin for OE yet.

So - basically, follow these instructions.

I have zipped up a package with all the appropriate missing libs for Openelec (1.95.3 32 bit) here - might be handy for someone else as it's a boring exercise. Probably works for 64 bit too, if you just download the 64 bit FTR plugin - here.

Works very well (better than TvHeadEnd, actually).


  1. Still using this with 1.95.5 and it continues to work a treat, very glad to have moved from TvHeadEnd....

  2. Very good article. I will give FTR a try with my new install of OpenELEC 2.0 (final); is this guide still valid?

  3. Presume so, am still using 1.9.7 here actually, will probably 2.0 soon

  4. 64 bit doesn't work :( lib files are not good for x64, gives a ELF error

  5. Yeah sorry like it says it's 32 bit. You'll have to do your own for 64 bit I am afraid, or find someone on the forums and get it from them.


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